Imagine a true republic living up to the ideals of our founding fathers for ‘we the people’


A truly representative American democracy in which our elected leaders represent us effectively without the corrupting influence of conflicts of interest.


The Vermont Political Revolution is a nationwide, non-profit (501(c)(3)), non-partisan, constituent-led, grassroots organization and movement in which citizens and candidates work together to minimize conflicts of interest in public office via education, active learning, and proactive self-help.

Starting in Vermont and spreading across the nation, voters and candidates are educated about the adverse effects of special interests campaign contributions on America’s democracy and proactive self-help remedies. Voter active learning and commitment are reinforced by garnering voter pledges to strive to vote for candidates who pledge to not seek or accept campaign contributions from special interests; likewise, candidate active learning and commitment are reinforced by garnering candidate pledges to not seek or accept campaign contributions from special interests.

We aim to induce a cultural paradigm shift in 21st century political thinking whereby voters insist on a politician profession standard of conduct akin to other highly regarded professions. We believe this ‘personal integrity’ approach, in concert with legal efforts (e.g., increased disclosure, contribution limits, reversal of Citizens United (constitutional amendment)), is the best way to maximize effectiveness in governance to solve our big problems.

More specifically, we aim for Vermont to catalyze similar educational and self-help political revolutions nationwide and to work collaboratively with other non-profit non-partisan organizations to eliminate or reduce the corrupting influence of special interests money across the American political spectrum.

NOTE: We recognize that candidates who take the candidate pledge could circumvent the intended spirit of our movement via indirect ‘independent expenditures’ on their behalf by special interests. However, the influence of direct contributions from special interests, which cause a greater degree of conflict of interest, will be decreased or eliminated by candidate pledges. It’s a start (step 1); we plan to modify and upgrade the candidate pledge to address ‘independent expenditures’ in the foreseeable future (step 2).